Lighting at Sea

I’m a documentary television producer and cinematographer. Since 2012, I’ve traveled to Antarctica every winter to shoot a popular American television show. The ships my team and I travel on typically leave port at the beginning of December and return the following March, a timeframe that roughly matches the Antarctic summer. This year I knew we’d be leaving later in the season – and possibly staying longer – a scheduling change that would leave our team facing stronger storms, bigger waves, and cooler temperatures. Knowing that we’d be encountering some of the worst weather we’d ever faced, I decided to fundamentally alter our approach to production at sea by swapping our usual lighting gear for the most robust, waterproof, and effective fixtures we could find. One of the very first products I came across –while touring the expo floor at CineGear in 2015 – was Light & Motion’s Stella 5000, which was only a prototype at the time.

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